Spiral Dowel Pins

  • Dowel pins are slotted pin made from high carbon spring steel (EN-42J) material having 44- 51 HRC.
  • Spiral dowel pins manufactured from stainless steel material i.e. SS- 304, SS- 420, SS- 316 etc.
  • Dowel pin is accurately made to diameter greater than the drilled hole into which it is pressed. When inserted the elasticity of the material then exerting a continuous radial force over the full length of the pin. The purpose of the slot in the pins is to allow compression when inserted in the hole.

Order as SPIRAL DOWEL 4 mm x 28 mm
Spiral Dowelpin
DIN - 7343


This is International Standard specifies the characteristics of heavy duty coiled spring pins made of steel or of austenitic or martensitic stainless steel, with nominal diameter, d1, from 1.5mm to 20mm inclusive.


Spiral dowel pins manufactured from Spring Steel Grade of EN42J and Stainless steel 304, 420, 316.


The diameter of the hole into which the spring pin is to be inserted shall be equal to the nominal diameter d1 of the mating pin and to tolerance class H12.