Safety Washer

(knurling Washer)

Shiv Sagar Industries safety washers can be made from different materials and can be supplied with different surface treatments.

  • Safety Washer is suitable for normal requirements and available for screws from M 1,6 to M 36. Other sizes as well as customized dimensions can be inquired for.
  • Safety Washer can be used with high-strength bolts of the grade 8,8 without any restrictions.
  • This strengthened safety washer has a greater thickness and for this reason achieves higher pre-tensioning loads.
  • The outside and the inside diameter as well as the toothing correspond to the type "S". It can be delivered for screws M 5 to M 3.
  • Special sizes are also available upon request.


Spring Steel EN42J, 50CRV4, 304 and 316.