E - Type Circlips

  • E - Type Circlips are manufactured according to DIN - 6799 & IS 3075
  • E - Type Circlips are manufactured from suitable high carbon spring steel as C- 80 of Is 1570- 1961 or En – 42 J.
  • E - Type Circlips are also available in SS – 304 material.
  • Range is from 0.8 to 24mm.


Covers the requirement of Circlips- type E for shafts of nominal size range of 0.8 to 30 mm.

Material and Hardness

The Circlips shall be manufactured from spring of grade such as 70C6 or 75C6 conforming to IS: 2507-1975 ‘Specification for cold rolled steel strips for springs.

Hardness of Circlips shall be between 460 to 580 HV (corresponding to 46 to54 HRC).


All sharp edges shall be removed from the circlips. The circlips shall be free from burrs, cracks, laminations and other defects.